Alex is a 25 year old photographer and filmmaker currently working as a camera trainee in London. Most noticeably, Alex has worked as a second cameraman on award winning independent short film, 'Rituals' and had his freelance work published with the likes of 'Abbey Road Studios' and 'Waitrose Food Magazine'.

As a geography graduate he has a passion for film and it’s ability to convey meaningful and thought provoking stories. ‘The Village of Kulum' is his first self-shot documentary released in May 2020, which explores the impacts of water scarcity in the Indian Himalayas and has been publicised by NGO, 'Global Choices - Arctic Angels'.

As a camera trainee, he has worked on music videos, commercials and short films and now currently looking for opportunities to progress with a particular focus in developing a skillset to become a self-shooter



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